Clean Tech 3.0

「清洁技术3.0:风险资本投资早期的清洁能源」是非营利性机构 CERES 发起的一项研究

Clean Tech 3.0: Venture Capital Investing in Early Stage Clean Energy. CERES (2017). Analyzes why opportunities for investing in early stage clean energy technology companies have changed significantly and favorably in recent years to offer the potential for greater risk adjusted returns in the sector.

清洁技术3.0:风险资本投资早期的清洁能源 是非营利性机构 CERES 发起的一项研究,旨在分析为什么近年来对早期清洁能源技术公司的投资机会发生了显著变化,从而能够带来更高的风险调整后收益。